collection 08

under construction.
me in wien
is growing up. S/M/L/XL

haute couture

london fashion week.
me in wien
at london fashionweek september 2019 / minimode
it was a blast! thanks to everybody.
photos by wonderful @zheniataha

collection 07

me in wien different. and that means color this time. quite a lot of colorful colors. orange, mustard, red and blues combined with colorful patterns.

collection 06

collection 06 convinces with its sophisticated cuts and exemplary handprints. bags are slanted and sassy. sewn on strictly straight. Belts meander and turn. lose themselves in the wind. threads like forgetting a sharp cut of a pair of scissors. free from compulsion to order.

collection 05

natural materials for delicate children’s skin. cotton, viscose and wool – smooth. skin-friendly, cuddly and hand-printed.

Me in Wien Winterkollektion 2017

collection 04

no colour is the best colour. less is more and that´s why we have decided not to use colours on collection 04. Everything focuses on the shape, design and structure of the fabrics.

Me in Wien Sommerkollektion 2017

collection 03

stripes and lines. big and small dots. things that make us smile. Collection 03 allows children to playfully discover life.

Me in Wien Winterkollektion 2016

collection 02

united at first glance as seemingly contradictory. in a fresh autumn wind of wonderful lightness. “Laissez faire, laissez passe”.

Me in Wien Sommerkollektion 2015

collection 01

Collection 01 is in the spotlight. It defines the beginning and becomes the symbol. Full of surprising details, it becomes a homage to a geometric form.